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On the streets of every dense urban area you’ll find the ignored, disenfranchised, rejects of modern society: Pigeons, Vermin and Strays. Animals fighting The Man.

While their parents have come to accept the injustice of living in a society literally designed by and for The Man, the new generation of urban wildlife have had enough!

Filled with a deep sense of dissatisfaction, they’re taking to the streets with a growing rage they lack the words (and the anatomy) to effectively communicate. Finding kinship in gangs, they’re expressing their anger and fighting the system through the only medium available to them: Symbolic Vandalism!

Animal Vandals is a table top RPG for 1 GM and 2+ players where you will scribble all over a bunch of different images in pursuit of recognition, kinship and catharsis.

You will need: dice, paper, pens in many colours, and printed pictures of urban animals and urban spaces (samples provided in document)


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